Spooky Halloween Cat Sticker  - Single Vinyl Sticker

Spooky Halloween Cat Sticker - Single Vinyl Sticker

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Spooky Halloween kitty sticker. Perfect for stationery lovers, sticker addicts and adorably spooky things! 

The durability of this sticker is perfect for use on a water bottle such as a hydroflask, on a laptop. Our stickers will stick permanently to paper packaging, jars, bottles and all other clean smooth glass, plastic and paper surfaces.

Please note when buying this sticker:

∞ Made from waterproof vinyl.

∞ Price for ONE sticker

∞ Choose between 2" or 3" sizes. Size includes white border.

∞ Your sticker will come individually cut with a white border. This can make it slightly more fiddly. Please bare this in mind.

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