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20 Cute Pink Halloween Sticker Set

20 Cute Pink Halloween Sticker Set

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Set of 20 cute pink halloween witch stickers. Witchy stickers are a fun gift.

Use these cute boho stickers in your planner, bullet journal or diary! Decorate a scrapbook, phone or laptop, or use them to jazz up some good old fashioned snail-mail! They're also perfect to gift, or to use as favours as they come in super cute packaging.

Please note when buying our stickers:

🔮 Select from matte or glossy sticker paper - please note that these stickers are NOT waterproof so if they get wet the colours will run!

🔮 Each sticker is approx 1.5" / 3.8cm in size - this may vary slightly depending on the sticker design.

🔮 Your stickers will come individually die-cut with a white border - not on sheets. This can make them slightly more fiddly. Please bare this in mind.

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