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Cubone Pokemon Pirate Gamer Art Print

Cubone Pokemon Pirate Gamer Art Print

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Inspired by the idea of what Pokemon would look like if you found them on the Sea of Thieves!

Cubone is a lonely pirate but it’s ok, he prefers it that way. Many speculate why he chosen the solo life but the most common theory revolves around the skull of ancient fortune that he wears on his head.

Gotta catch 'em all! Cute, colourful Pokemon-themed art print is drawn by me! If you're a Pokemon fan (I know I am), these are perfect for you! This gaming-inspired print will complement any home and make great gifts for relatives and friends.

All prints are carefully packaged in a cello bag and sent in a rigid envelope to ensure your prints arrive in the perfect condition.

Printed on:
300gsm silk card stock, with a velvet finish It's a deluxe, tactile paper a soft touch and non-glossy finish. This paper is bright white and specially treated for impeccable results.

📌 Print size: 6"x6"
📌 Artist Signed
📌 PLEASE NOTE: Frame is not included
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