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Magikarp Pokemon Pirate Gamer Art Print

Magikarp Pokemon Pirate Gamer Art Print

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Inspired by the idea of what Pokemon would look like if you found them on the Sea of Thieves!

*splash* Magi-spashtail attacks but does no damage. Don't worry Magi, one day you'll grow up and be a real foe of the seas. At least you'll always be pretty.....oh wait.

Gotta catch 'em all! Cute, colourful Pokemon-themed art print is drawn by me! If you're a Pokemon fan (I know I am), these are perfect for you! This gaming-inspired print will complement any home and make great gifts for relatives and friends.

All prints are carefully packaged in a cello bag and sent in a rigid envelope to ensure your prints arrive in the perfect condition.

Printed on:
300gsm silk card stock, with a velvet finish It's a deluxe, tactile paper a soft touch and non-glossy finish. This paper is bright white and specially treated for impeccable results.

📌 Print size: 6"x6"
📌 Artist Signed
📌 PLEASE NOTE: Frame is not included
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